DDLG Collar “Daddy’s Girl”


This DDLG collar is the ultimate gift for a deserving little princess.

  • Crafted from the finest Dutch cow leather in baby pink hue
  • Features bold “DADDY’S GIRL” text stamped in radiant gold foil
  • Trimmed with light gold plated hardware for comfort and safety
  • Adjustable roller buckle closure for a customized fit
  • Includes branded loop strap and d-ring for playful restraining fantasies
  • Handcrafted with love in The Netherlands using superior sustainable materials.
Available in: Pink/Gold
DDLG Collar "Daddy's Girl"
DDLG Collar "Daddy's Girl"

Indulge in the ultimate expression of daddy love with our Leather “DADDY’S GIRL” Collar – the perfect accessory for all the little princesses who know exactly who’s in charge!

Crafted from the finest Dutch cow leather in a delightful baby pink hue, this collar isn’t just an accessory – it’s a symbol of love, trust, and devotion, designed to make you feel cherished and adored.

Imagine slipping into our 2.5 cm wide leather collar, feeling its gentle embrace against your skin, and then, ta-da – your eyes are drawn to it: the bold declaration of “DADDY’S GIRL” stamped right in front, shimmering with the radiance of gold foil.

It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve – or in this case, around your neck – proudly declaring to the world that you belong to Daddy, and Daddy belongs to you!

But wait, there’s more to this collar than meets the eye!

Trimmed with delicate light gold plated hardware, every detail is meticulously crafted for your comfort and safety. And guess what? It’s all nickel-free, so you can wear your collar with confidence, knowing that it won’t cause any pesky allergies – it’s all about feeling secure, sweetheart!

Now, let’s talk about versatility, shall we?

With an adjustable roller buckle closure at the back, you can customize the fit to perfection. Plus, we’ve added a branded loop strap and a d-ring for all your playful restraining fantasies – whether you’re feeling submissive or just in the mood for some Daddy-daughter fun, this collar has got you covered!

But here’s the cherry on top:

our Leather “DADDY’S GIRL” Collar isn’t just any DDLG collar; it’s the ultimate gift for your deserving little princess. Handcrafted with love in our very own workshop in The Netherlands, we’ve made sure to use superior sustainable materials because looking good shouldn’t come at the planet’s expense, right?

So, whether you’re feeling playful or pampered, our “DADDY’S GIRL” Collar is your ticket to a world of love and adoration.

Embrace your inner princess – because being Daddy’s girl has never felt this special!

Unleash your fantasies, darling!

Let this enchanting pink collar with text be your symbol of love and devotion on this magical journey of DDLG bliss. Whether you’re diving into Daddy-fantasies or simply adding a touch of sweetness to your day, one thing’s for sure – with this collar around your neck, you’ll be Daddy’s little princess, cherished and adored, wherever you go!

2.5 cm wide leather collar with an adjustable roller buckle closure at the back.
Crafted from Dutch cow leather, trimmed with light gold plated hardware and nickel-free for safety.


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